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War Chapter I: Tyrant

Lyrics: Sameer Hilal
Music: Sameer Hilal & Gabriel Cyr

War Chapter I: Tyrant

I’m the answer to the question
I’m the voice of your obsession
I’m the one who knows your mind
Hear me now, don’t be blind

Our ideals will prevail
Uncompromisingly we hail
Ours is the only power
Let it spread like wild fire

Compromise is for the weak
Don’t bother hear them speak
Our way is the only way
We will win at the end of the day

You made the sacrifice
Your pain from all their lies
You struggled and you will rise
Our boys we mobilize

Deception is the name of the game
Light the match, fan the flame
I need you, as a means to an end
Your minds, I will bend

In the name of freedom I rule
Every one of you is my fool
And when I can divide you
With my power I will crush you

Feel the rage deep inside
Makes you deaf, keeps you blind
Like a fire, it consumes
Like a blade, cuts right through

Mobilize my sons and daughters
Honor all your forefathers
Hear me now, have the power
Don’t relinquish, just devour

So you kill another man
Without questioning my plan
Like an animal you comply
So my pennant flag can fly

You think you fought for a cause
As you stepped in the lion’s jaws
You’ve turned a blind eye
My ascent forever high

Rise to arms, my boys, rise
To a cause in disguise
Don’t stop to ask why
Let the smoke fill the sky

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