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War Chapter II: Brotherhood

Lyrics: Sameer Hilal
Music: Sameer Hilal & Gabriel Cyr

War Chapter II: Brotherhood

We can still hear the squeals
The loud thuds of hardened steel
Cars rattle and shake
As the steam turns the wheels

Dark clouds fill the skies
Station shrinks before our eyes
Path unfolds, twists and turns
Hidden destiny before us lies

Feel the wind on my face
As the engine starts to race
Feel as though I can fly
Travel through time and space

Far beyond, answer the call
Rolling hills they rise and fall
Far beyond, we hear the cry
To the frontline we fly

Greed and mad men’s lies
Brought us here together
We left all behind
For a brotherhood forged forever

Young faces All around
Think they’re fighting for their land
To our death, we march hand in hand
Iron snake Is battlefront bound

I hear the deafening shrills
As the cries echo, I feel the chills
Fire rains from the sky
All the dreams are lost beyond the hills

Freedom’s price we must pay
God and country, we say
Oh mother, hear me pray
That I’ll see the light of day

Tell me your story
And I’ll tell you mine
As we near
The end of the line

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