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War Chapter III: Sacrifice

Lyrics: Sameer Hilal
Music: Sameer Hilal & Gabriel Cyr

War Chapter III: Sacrifice

In the stillness of dawn
Beneath the rising the sun
I lay quietly and hold the gun

Bell Tower that once stood tall
Has fallen in the squall
Once immaculate church is gone

Chirping birds flutter by
They scamper in the sky
The smoke is snaking on high
As we say our last goodbye

Into the distance, over the hills
Screams are an endless sound
Death and destruction, innocence killed
Bodies lie on the ground

Fight for flag
Kill or be killed
It's a carnage of war machines

Fight for country
Destroy your enemy
Conquest by any means

Fire rains from above
Close my eyes, shudder from the sound
Barks from the hounds of hell
Rage and fury all around

We were just innocent boys
Fearless, or so we thought
Sent us to certain death
Sacrifice with no forethought

Mortars are endless
No end to madness
Corpses line the ground
Madman's tyranny
Nothing but gluttony
Lucifer has been crowned

Clouds gather up above
Close my eyes, shudder from the sound
All my hope is gone
Can’t escape, can't go on

Hold my hand, don’t let go
I don’t want to die alone
Is this the end, all that will be
Fear chills me to the bone

In the stillness of dawn
Beneath the dying the sun
Is the dream now gone?

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