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War Chapter IV: Spark

Lyrics: Sameer Hilal
Music: Sameer Hilal & Gabriel Cyr

War Chapter IV: Spark

Where am I?
What am I doing here?
Who am I?
No sound, no fear

Can’t see
Can’t feel
Can’t taste
All effort’s a waste

Through the fog
I see a vision
A memory
Painted in crimson

There I stood
Next to those brave men
As they each
Laid down their weapons

In the dark
I see a light
Might be a spark
That lifts the night

There they stood
Those brave men
Stood for truth
Arms stretched to heaven

They would not
Give him the thrill
They took
His power, his will

His voice
No longer trolls
His madness
Has no control

A wake up call
The fog is gone
Night is darkest
Before the dawn

“We won’t fight
Our own kin
To kill your brother
Is the ultimate sin”

In the dark
I see a light
A sacrifice
That lifts the night

Have you heard
The story of those brave men
Who took a stance
Spirits rise to heaven

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